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What effect do the ingredients of Duval MultiDigestiv have?


  • Excess stomach acid is buffered, neutralizing the pH value in the stomach. This supports the maintenance of normal gastric juices so that the stomach wall does not affect what could be the cause of an ulcer.
  • Supports stress in the stomach and digestion, stress causes the intestinal flora to be disturbed.
  • Improves roughage digestion and optimizes feed efficiency
  • MultiDigestiv helps with thin manure, it promotes healthy manure and improves peristalsis (contractions in the intestines), which can also reduce flatulence. The manure often improves considerably within a few days.
  • Inhibits cramps and stimulates the appetite


  • For stomach pain and problems
  • With thin or irregular stools (e.g. with fertilizer moisture)
  • Horses with a sensitive stomach and are prone to colic
  • Horses with increased stress level or decreased appetite

This product works like a “Rennie” in horses, it calms stomach acid so that the gastric juices do not damage the stomach wall. It also protects the stomach preventively. In addition, this product optimizes digestion so that an increased absorption of nutrients is possible and it is easier to meet the energy needs of your horse. This is an important advantage, not only for sport horses but also for older animals that quickly become lean.

LITHOTHAMNIUM ALGA | Lithothamnium calcareum.

Lithothamnium is a small calcareous algae that is harvested in the North Sea and Icelandic coast. This algae is able to crystallize mineral elements from the sea water on its “thallus”, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and trace elements. Lithothamnium is a 100% vegetable calcium and magnesium supplement. Due to the high content of calcium carbonate, lithothamnium is good for a normal acidity in the stomach and ensures a good acid-base balance. It may also be used during pregnancy. Lithothamnium buffers excess stomach acid and thus neutralizes stomach acid and also uric acid.

CINNAMON | Cinnamon Ceylon

Cinnamon is a spice with many good medicinal properties, such as antispasmodic and antiseptic. Research in humans and animals shows that cinnamon has a protective effect against stomach and intestinal ulcers. Cinnamon has a strengthening effect on the gastric mucosa. The gastric mucosa protects, among other things, the upper part of the stomach against stomach ulcers. If this mucous membrane is not resistant enough to the stomach acid, there is a risk of a stomach ulcer. Cinnamon also has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • Inhibits cramps and colic
  • Increases blood flow in the stomach wall
  • Food enhancer (digestivum)
  • Stomach stimulant, stimulates the appetite

GINGER | Zingiber officinale

The chemicals that provide ginger's spicy, pungent taste are mainly gingerol and shogaol. These two substances ensure that the contraction of the intestines decreases, neutralizes stomach acid.

  • Increases the absorption of nutrients in the intestines
  • Improves peristalsis (contractions) in your intestines, which can reduce flatulence
  • Supports heartburn or stomach ulcers


The medicinal effect of clay has a disinfecting and detox effect. Clay binds to toxins and helps them to leave the body. Clay is also a source of many minerals and trace elements and stimulates the blood circulation and cleansing of the intestines.

TURMERIC | Curcuma Longa

Turmeric has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, stomach ulcers are small inflammations in the stomach wall where the gastric mucosa is affected. Turmeric can help to inhibit this and supports gas formation in the intestines.

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