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Duval Green Caviar, or Multipower?


First of all, both products are very High Quality and they certainly have overlapping functions such as boosting the iimmune system, fitness and muscle building. However, there are a few important differences and we have explained them in this article.

Duval Green Caviar is really a boost for your horse or pony. It contains more omega fatty acids en usable energy than the Multipower and is therefore more recommended for horses with a poorer condition or young horses that are being trained for inspections. But the Green Caviar can also be a good choice for older horses in training that will relapse a bit faster in condition and lose weight. Green Caviar is therefore for both more mass in total as more muscle mass.

Multipower is a more concentrated supplement than the Green Caviar. This is more suitable for horses that have qua weight and mass already nice are up to standard, but those mainly build muscle and you want to improve your fitness.

Multipower is a very “Multi-functional” product and it promotes in addition to the muscles and condition also general health. It contains an alga that de stimulates cell renewal which results in faster build-up of muscles, hooves and a shiny coat. On average, the dosage for a large horse is 100 grams per day or if you want to maintain the result then +-50 grams per day. The daily dose of Green Caviar is much higher. You give an average of 250 to 450 grams per day. This depends on how quickly you want the result and how your horse reacts to the product.

We often advise Green Caviar for a period of several months and Multipower can be given throughout the year if desired to offer your horse extra support and to get the daily "greens". You can therefore continue Green Caviar with Multipower after 1 or more times.

Multipower is super balanced and does not burden the organs, it just supports them with the removal of waste. Multipower contains the algae Chlorella (pyrenoidosa) which thus aids in the cleansing of the intestines. In addition to Multipower, you do not have to give extra vitamin E, the product already contains this and this also applies to the Green Caviar.

Green Caviar contains the algae Spirulina, this algae is slightly milder for the intestines and contains a slightly higher protein content than the Chlorella. In addition to spirulina, it contains various other superfoods such as beetroot powder, and an algae that contains a lot of calcium and magnesium that has a positive effect on the bone development of your (young) horse and is also good for the pH value in the stomach. The horses usually get a little fresher from the Green Caviar. However, this can be adjusted per 15 kg if you have a very sharp horse. So you can indicate what you want more attention for, for example the stomach, joints or a lot of energy.

If you still have doubts? Be sure to send us a message via the WhatsApp chat where you can send a photo of the current condition of your horse so that we can see which product is most suitable for your horse.



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