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The added value of Duval Multipower

Do you want to stimulate the muscle building of your horse or do you have a sports horse and do you want to improve recovery time? Or do you have a young horse in training that you want to offer extra support?

Both training and the right diet determine performance and the degree of muscle growth.

Duval Multipower is a multifunctional product, but is mainly fed for improving the condition and building of muscles. Before Multipower promotes muscle building and endurance, this product starts with overall health. Below we have described the steps that your horse will benefit from feeding Duval Multipower.

  1. Helps cleanse the intestines, liver, kidneys and blood
  2. Stimulates immunity through its powerful antioxidant properties and many naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
  3. Promotes the production and recovery of muscles due to the high content of vegetable protein and BCAAs (amino acids)
  4. Helps to remove waste products such as lactic acid from the muscles that arise after training. The substance 'chlorophyll' has a cleansing effect on the body. This process counteracts acidification of the muscles and shortens the recovery period.
  5. Works tissue-building for muscles, connective tissue, hair and hooves. Due to the high content of BCAAs and RNA / DNA, there is more structure of cells. Multipower therefore also has a positive effect on the coat and hooves.
  6. Provides positive energy and improves stamina
  7. Supports healthy muscle function and Multipower maintains muscle strength and general health.

A common phenomenon is an excess of substances such as proteins and certain vitamins due to the many types of supplements that are sometimes given. Or there is a shortage of the right nutrients. Some supplements only offer “single proteins”. An excess of proteins or vitamins is stressful for the liver and kidneys. That is why a supplement with the correct proportions of proteins, vitamins and minerals per daily dose is important. In addition, for the right performance and good muscle building, more is needed than just proteins. To improve performance, your horse must be “fit”

Duval Multipower lives up to its name because this product works in a multifunctional way. Multipower is super balanced with regard to vitamins and minerals and you can feed it all year round. With the use of this product your horse will feel visibly fitter!

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