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Purified Seawater

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Electrolyte supplement or for external use on wounds or ulcers.

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Seawater has been known for centuries when it comes to healing minor and major wounds. Seawater can also offer a solution for eczema, psoriasis and mug. Not everyone can regularly go to the sea with their horse. Duval has ensured that everyone can get to work with seawater. Treatment with seawater removes bacteria and gives wounds a chance to heal faster. The product has a natural antibacterial effect. Purified seawater does not dry out the skin but maintains the natural moisture balance. This is in contrast to certain disinfecting shampoos that dry out the skin, which makes the skin more chapped and sensitive.

Duval Oosterschelde water is extracted from the Oosterschelde. It is filtered, revitalized and preserved with ultra violet and bacteria-free.

After rinsing the wound with lukewarm slow running tap water, you can wipe the wound clean and dab with sterile gauze moistened with filtered Oosterschelde seawater. Disinfecting shampoos based on betadine or chlorhexidine are rarely necessary and actually have an inhibitory effect on wound healing.
Use an anti-bacterial spray or ointment, such as this sterile seawater or honey-based products. Keep the wound supple so that it heals faster and more beautifully.
Purified seawater can also be used as an electrolyte supplement
Additional information

Additional information


Purified Oosterschelde seawater


5 Litres, 4 x 5 Litres


Externally: Rinse the wound with lukewarm, slowly running water. Then wipe clean with sterile gauze moistened with purified seawater.
Internal: Purified seawater can be used as an electrolyte supplement. For heavy sweating horse +-500 kilos: 400 ml. If sweating is less intense, halve the dosage. For a pony the maximum dosage is 250 ml.

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