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Vita Grow +

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Specifically developed for foals and growing horses & ponies



Vita Grow+ is an additional supplement for foals and young growing horses/ponies. It supports bone development and good resistance.

Contains a unique seaweed mix and easily absorbable minerals such as calcium from oysters.


  • Supports growth
  • Good for the development of bones and joints
  • Promotes natural resistance
  • Plays a role in bone formation
  • Correct proportions of minerals
  • Good for the skeleton
  • Positive effect on metabolism and intestinal flora

Rich in many vitamins and minerals. 100% natural product without additives such as sugar, fillers or flavourings.

Duval Vita Grow is extremely suitable for supplementary feeding after foals have been weaned and during the winter months. After weaning, the foals can sometimes have a relapse and the resistance is put to the test towards the winter months. VitaGrow+ is also suitable for young horses that spend a lot of time in wet pastures or in the stable, when the pasture is a bit sparse or when you don't (yet) feed foal pellets.

Foals and young horses that spend a lot of time on rich pastures during the growth phase usually get enough energy and protein from this ration. However, vitamins and minerals are often insufficiently present. Duval Vita Grow+ has been formulated to supplement these deficiencies in foals and young horses and pays extra attention to the resistance to stimulate the self-healing capacity.

Important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are offered in the correct proportions and highly absorbable forms to support the development of a strong and healthy musculoskeletal system. In addition to the well-known minerals just mentioned, this product is also rich in copper, manganese, and zinc.

Vita Grow+ contains a high-quality mix of seaweed and fenugreek to promote resistance, quality of coat and hooves, and digestive system. A strong and healthy development of the young horse starts with optimal 'vitality' or health of your young horse or pony in order to minimize deficiencies and problems later in life.

Additional information

Additional information


Lupine flour, seaweed mix, oyster lime, protastar, fenugreek, lithotamnium, phosphate, magnesium oxide, vegetable oil.


3 kilo, 6 kilo, 15 kilo, 15 kilo (refill) bag, 20 kilo, 20 kilo (refill) bag


12 weeks to 1 year: 100-150 grams per day
1 to 2 years: 150-200 grams per day
2 years and older: 200 grams per day

12 weeks to 1 year: 50-100 grams per day
1 to 2 years: 100-150 grams per day
2 years and older: 150-170 grams per day

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