SeaSpirit seaweed powder

34.00 - 54.00

Seaweed powder dried. For a shiny coat, promotes immune system and overall health.

Source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.



Natural mix of brown, red and green seaweeds especially for horses

100% powdered seaweed (not dusty). Easy to dose and mix with a slop or wet with some water.

sea ​​spirit is a special seaweed mix as a supplement. The sophisticated mix promotes the endurance of horses, a healthy digestion, a better resistance and a shiny coat. Unlike most seaweed supplements on the market, which often only contain 1 species, this supplement consists of a combination of the best seaweed specially selected for horses.

Years of experience and modern scientific research have shown what seaweed can do in the field of:
Resistance, health, performance and well-being of an animal.

Seaweed is a very rich source of:

  • more than 60 different essential minerals and trace elements, in a form that is easily absorbable for the animal and in the correct proportions of vitamins (including A, C, B and E)
    essential fatty acids, (including Omega-3 and Omega-6)
  • natural antioxidants, fibers & bioactive components, whose health and nutritional effects are consistently
    be scientifically explained.

SeaSpirit seaweed mix contains the right bio-active components to support

• Condition, immunity, vitality and fertility
• Performance and faster recovery after exercise or illness
• Gut health and feed utilisation

Seaweeds used in SeaSpirit Horse can have the following actions

  • Better utilization and supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Supports hoof growth
  • Supports the natural immune system
  • Can eat manure or reduce sand licking when caused by mineral deficiency
  • Promotes a shiny coat and moulting
  • Promotes the elimination of waste
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Additional information

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Suggested use: horse: 45 grams / day, pony: 30 grams / day, foal: 15 grams / day