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To supplement electrolytes with natural seawater plasma without sugar!


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Handy liquid electrolyte supplement for very hot days, excessive sweating or strenuous exercise.

When a horse sweats a lot, not only fluid is lost, but also essential minerals or electrolytes. These are essential for a good fluid balance in the body. By replenishing these lost electrolytes you can prevent or significantly reduce the risk of dehydration and acidification. Using purified seawater, Duval Relyte+ supplies a special plasma composed by nature of salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Seawater is 98% identical to blood plasma with regard to the composition of mineral salts and by giving this supplement you prevent you from overdosing on certain salts. The hypertonic solution is pure unadulterated seawater in its natural form with all its mineral (+-90 species!) components.

In addition, the best natural absorbable form contains Vitamin E (RRR-alpha-tocopherol) and vitamin C has been added. Vitamin C is very important for exercise and muscle support. Vitamin E supports the removal of muscle waste such as lactic acid. In addition, it is very important for healthy muscle function, it supports efficient muscle metabolism.

  • For (sport) horses that sweat a lot.
  • For normal muscle function in hot weather and sweating a lot.
  • For better recovery after exercise or training.
  • To maintain a good moisture balance.

Do you want electrolyte supplement without added vitamins E and C? Then order the product purified seawater 

Seawater is an extraordinarily rich and complex matrix that still has many inexplicable properties. The structure of the seawater is still not fully known, but the richness and diversity of mineral salts and trace elements present in seawater are exceptional

The seawater comes from the Oosterschelde National Park and is purified. Oosterschelde National Park is a protected nature reserve and therefore contains no pollution. So “clean” seawater ...


Moderate sweating Heavy sweating and fluid loss
HORSE > 450 KG 150-200ML 200-400ML
PONY < 450 KG 100-150ML 200-250ML


  • Price per day of moderate sweating for a horse> 500 kg is € 1.15
  • Price per day for a horse >500kg with excessive sweating and heavy work €2,30-

For best results, administer half a dose + - 1 to 2 hours before training and the other half after training.
Product can be given over the feed, through a slobbert, via a dosing syringe or in the water bowl. Comes with a measuring cup.

400 mg of elemental vitamin E (RRR-alpha-tocopherol) and 2000 mg of vitamin C have been added per 2000 ml. These values ​​correspond to the daily needs for excessive sweating/work.

Additional information

Additional information

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purified sea water, natural vitamin E (RRR-alpha-tocopherol or old name> d-alpha Tocopherol), Vitamin C.


5 litres, 2 x 5 litres, 4 x 5 litres


Analytical constituents
Crude protein: <1% Crude fiber: <1%
Crude fat: <1% Natirum: 9%
Crude ash: 39% Sodium Chloride: 23%

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  1. Janine -

    Super nice product! A particularly fine electrolyte supplement that can also be used daily without overdosing quickly.

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