Carfol & Polyc


Contains 1x 200ml Carfol and 1x 200 ml Polyc



This pack contains Duval Carfol and Polyc. The products reinforce each other in colic symptoms as a result of gas formation in the intestines after eating too protein or sugar-rich grass.

Duval Carfol works as a gas and antispasmodic, Duval Polyc also has an antispasmodic and supports the recovery of the affected stomach and intestines and improves the absorption of nutrients.

In case of colic symptoms such as stamping, rolling, sweating or grabbing the stomach →

Example horse 500kg:

Start with Carfol 10 ml, after 10 minutes 10 ml polyc and repeat this again if there is no reduction. Then alternate XNUMX ml of carfol and polyc every half hour until your horse calms down. Is your horse calming? Then you can stop because the products will continue to work for a number of hours. Walking with the horse during treatment or, if possible, trotting short stretches.

Does your horse have acute colic? Always call a vet first!

For more information per product or individual products

Duval Polyc

Duval Carfol

Does your horse have a sensitive digestive tract? Then take a look at Duval MultiDigestiv

Watch the video below if you want for a brief explanation and demonstration how to give it to your horse
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1 to 3 ml per 100 kg body weight per product. Administer alternately by mouth so that it is absorbed through the salivary glands.