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High quality nutritional supplement to stimulate muscle building, muscle recovery and overall health of your horse.



Duval Multipower promotes muscle building in horses, faster muscle recovery, supports the endurance and overall health of your horse.

A 100% natural product with, among other things, a high content of the active algae Chlorella, which has many particularly good properties.

Features Multipower

  • Promotes muscle growth and faster recovery
  • Promotes fitness and stamina
  • To support the immune system
  • For a shiny coat and strong hoof growth
  • Promotes cell renewal in muscles and other connective tissues
  • Has a positive effect on the intestinal flora
  • Removal of waste products in the body and removal of lactic acid in the muscles

Application Multipower

  • For horses with a lagging muscularity
  • During competition periods or intensive training
  • For young horses / ponies
  • During the breeding season or inspections
  • To support the immune system
  • A boost for overall health
  • Suitable for horses during rehabilitation / build-up period

Or simply throughout the year as extra support

Multipower is full of vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system, your horse will feel visibly fitter!

Additional information

Multipower promotes muscle building and the proper functioning of the muscles during (intensive) training periods. This product consists of a specially selected algae complex and provides the muscles with sufficient protein and all 18 essential amino acids in a very unique composition.

Multipower is rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a strong cleansing effect on the intestines, liver, kidneys and muscles, resulting in the elimination of waste products throughout the body and the elimination of lactic acids in the muscles. Lactic acids are produced as a result of strenuous exercise. If this lactic acid in the muscles is not properly removed, your horse will experience muscle pain, or acidification.

Multipower also contains naturally occurring BCAAs that are essential for muscle building.

In addition to muscle building and a shortened recovery period, this product promotes endurance and the general condition of your horse. Think of the coat and hoof condition.


Duval Multipower is doping free and therefore safe to use during FEI competitions.

No sugar, fragrance, color or flavorings have been added during production. Despite this, it is still a tasty granulate!

Multipower only contains high-quality raw materials, so no residual products, sugar, preservatives or fillers.

Multipower is a complete product and rich in natural Vitamin E, D, Beta-carotene and minerals such as magnesium, calcium & iron, as well as all essential amino acids!

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Because this product comes in a handy and tasty granulate, it can be easily dosed. No more hassle with powders

Additional information

Additional information

Weight N/A

Egg products, chlorella, spirulina, honey, vegetable fat.


1.8 Kilo (trial bag), 3 Kilo, 6 Kilo, 15 Kilo, 15 Kilo (refill) bag, 20 Kilo, 20 Kilo (refill) bag


Maintenance: 10 grams per 100 kg body weight. For real results or during intensive training periods: 20 grams per 100 kg body weight.
Do you have significantly reduced fitness and muscle building? Then give the dose twice a day for a number of weeks.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Multipower

  1. rianna -

    Very effective product, I have already tried many products for muscle building, but this is really a top product and also easy to feed!

  2. Marcel R. -

    Great product, horse became fitter without getting any hotter and after 4 weeks there was clearly more muscle building. Highly recommended

  3. Birdie-Lynn Giele (verified owner) -

    Really recommend! Easy to give, horses like to eat it. Works well for muscle building, after a few weeks of using this supplement, the horse regained its shine in its coat and looked fit!

  4. Michelle vd -

    my horse has become much fitter! and the muscles feel much more relaxed even during heavy work, my horse releases itself better in the body and he also likes to eat this even though he is a difficult eater.

  5. Rezan sevgin -

    Very nice product! You can see a clear improvement and my horse is not getting hot. Also super easy to feed.

  6. Diana v.G -

    Super product, I have been feeding it to my 3 sport horses for years to absolute satisfaction!

  7. Demi (verified owner) -

    Very happy with it! Clear difference visible in both my horses, without them getting hot / fresh. They also eat it very well which is a nice bonus! Top product.

  8. Saskia carpenters -

    Recently won a bucket of duval multipower!!!! My horse is nice and fit and doesn't get too many sugars. He eats it well and you don't have to feed a lot of it to achieve results. You can do quite a long time with such a bucket. Nice supplement!

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