MultiMix (Multipower & Multibone)

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49.50 - 435.00

Duval MultiMix is ​​a combination of Duval Multipower and Duval Multibone | A complete product to support muscles and fitness as well as bones and joints.

Supplied as standard in a handy bucket.



Duval MultiMix is ​​the complete product to support muscles, overall health, bones and joints

Is a mixed combination of the Duval Multipower & Duval Multibone products

If you want to support your horse with both products, this is a handy and efficient packaging.

Duval Multipower is intended to promote muscle building, muscle recovery and overall health. Duval Multibone is to support bones, joints and tendons. For more information about the supplements from this combination, see the product pages Multipower en multibone+

Additional information

Additional information

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Multipower: Egg products, chlorella, spirulina, honey, vegetable fat.
Multibone: Egg products, oyster meal, turmeric, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), honey, vegetable fat, green-lipped mussel, schizochystrium.


1.8 kilo (bag), 3 kilo, 6 kilo, 15 kilo, 15 kilo (refill) bag, 20 kilo, 20 kilo (refill) bag


Maintenance and prevention: 20 grams per 100 kilos of body weight.
In case of complaints and higher loads: 40 grams per 100 kilos of body weight.
Use at least 4 weeks.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for MultiMix (Multipower & Multibone)

  1. Mary dl -

    I used to give multipower and multibone separately, but this is just as convenient, both products in 1. The horses eat well.

  2. Chantel (verified owner) -

    We mainly use MultiMix. You can really see a difference when you use it, horses are rounder, more muscular, can move more easily and have more flexible muscles.

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