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Multimix (Multipower & Multibone +)

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Duval Multimix is ​​a combination of Duval Multipower and Duval Multibone+ | A complete product to support the muscles and condition as well as the bones and joints.

Supplied as standard in a handy bucket.



Duval Multimix is ​​the complete product to support muscles, general health, bones and joints

Is a mixed combination of the products Duval Multipower & Duval Multibone +

If you want to support your horse with both products, this is a handy and efficient packaging.

Duval Multipower is to promote muscle building, muscle recovery and overall health. Duval Multibone + is to support bones, joints and tendons. For more information about the supplements in this combination, see the product pages of Multipower en multibone+

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Additional information

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1 rating for Multimix (Multipower & Multibone +)

  1. Mary dl -

    I used to give multipower and multibone separately, but this is just as convenient, both products in 1. The horses eat well.

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Maintenance dose: 20g per 100 kg body weight Extra support: 40g per 100 kg body weight Because this is a mixture of 2 separate products, the dosage is higher. For an adult horse and the maintenance dose you do with this bucket for 60 days, the price per day per horse is € 2,15