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Promotes healthy bones and flexible joints.


Duval Multibone+ is a very complete product for healthy bones and joints, and for the prevention of injuries and wear and tear.

To support the entire musculoskeletal system.
Multibone+ is a unique natural composition obtained from oyster calcium, green-lipped mussel, the best absorbable natural MSM (sulphur) and curcuma.

Multibone+ contains a complete pallet with the most important building materials that work multifunctionally for a healthy musculoskeletal system in a handy pellet. Multibone+ has proven itself for years to be very effective in various wear and tear complaints around the horse's musculoskeletal system.


  • Promotes flexible joints
  • For the maintenance and production of strong bones and joints
  • For joint functions such as joint flexibility and supports the production of healthy joint fluid
  • For healthy cartilage and connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments.
  • The rich raw materials contain, among other things, all glucose aminoglycans, various chondroitin sulfates, silicon, important fatty acids and natural MSM (sulphur).
  • Multibone + is a source of minerals


  • For young, growing horses
  • Injury sensitive horses
  • For horses in sport or higher loads to preventively protect against injuries
  • For older horses with age-related complaints or wear and tear

To prevent injuries or wear and tear, we recommend taking a 2 to 3 month course of Multibone+ 1 to 2 times a year.

Horses with intensive loads often do not get enough of these substances from their feed.

How ingredients work

  • Green-lipped mussel supports joint functions such as cartilage. Green-lipped mussel is naturally rich in all glycosaminoglycans and various chondroitin sulfates.
  • Natural MSM or sulfur, this is an important element for connective tissues and tendons and, in addition to curcuma, also works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Curcuma is known to have a strong anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) effect.
  • Curcuma can naturally reduce joint pain). Oyster shells are very rich in calcium and contain many minerals and excipients that ensure rapid absorption and help renew and replenish bone tissue. This form of calcium is easily absorbed by the body.

Multibone+ can be given preventively to sport horses, which demand a lot from the joints. After an injury, problems with joints or after an indication from a vet that your horse could benefit from extra support, you can administer the dose in a curative manner. Older horses (in sports) or horses with osteoarthritis complaints can also benefit from this.

For extra support in the event of a tendon injury related to joint inflammation such as strong cartilage breakdown, we first recommend Duval Tendiflex.  Or see us complete package to support bones and joints.

Does your horse noticeably suffer from joint complaints? Check it out Duval Flexio Flexio helps your horse to feel better, even during a ride or grazing.

Additional information

Additional information

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Oyster calcium, Green-lipped mussel, MSM (sulphur), Curcuma, vegetable oil

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Multibone +

  1. Amber -

    My horse can sometimes come out of the box stiff, since I feed the Multibone+ he no longer has that. It also feels a lot smoother and more flexible while driving.

  2. Annerien -

    I have been using the Multibone for years, my older horse is doing very well on it, and I have already given many other products for this, but so far the best results with multibone

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