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For support and maintenance of a healthy and calm stomach and intestines.



Duval MultiDigestiv is (preventive) for maintaining a healthy stomach and intestines. It is recommended, among other things, for horses that are sensitive to stress, stomach ulcers, show decreased appetite, are sensitive to colic or irregular fattening.


  • Excess stomach acid is buffered, thus neutralizing the pH value in the stomach. This supports the maintenance of normal gastric juices, which supports the stomach wall against damage to the stomach, which can be the cause of a stomach ulcer.
  • Supports stress in the stomach and digestion, stress causes the intestinal flora to be disturbed.
  • Improves roughage digestion and optimizes feed efficiency
  • MultiDigestiv supports thin manure, it promotes healthy manure and improves peristalsis (contractions in the intestines), which can also reduce flatulence. The manure often improves significantly within a few days.
  • Helps with cramps and promotes appetite


  • For stomach and intestines
  • With thin or irregular stools (e.g. with fertilizer moisture)
  • Horses with a sensitive stomach and are prone to colic
  • Horses with increased stress level or decreased appetite
  • For a good acid-base balance in the stomach

This product works like a “Rennie” in horses; the easily available calcium carbonate calms stomach acid so that the gastric juices can damage the stomach wall less. This product also optimizes digestion, allowing increased absorption of nutrients and making it easier to meet your horse's energy needs. This is an important advantage and not only for sport horses but also for older animals that show rapid weight loss. The effect of the calcium-containing algae Lithothamnium has been scientifically investigated.

Symptoms that you can recognize gastrointestinal problems are

  • Decreased appetite
  • Angry behavior
  • Irregular / thin manure
  • Weight loss
  • Girth compulsion
  • Diminishing performance
  • A dull coat
  • Teeth grinding

A lot of yawning, stress and mild colic symptoms can indicate the presence of stomach problems or even stomach ulcers.

When the acidity in the intestines of the horse changes due to stress, antibiotics, changes in feed, etc., the intestinal flora is disturbed and bad bacteria can take over, resulting in thin manure. MultiDigestiv provides a replenishment of the good bacteria and contains various herbs that strengthen the resistance of the intestines. It helps maintain microbial balance during periods that negatively impact your horse's digestive system.

This product is a unique natural composition obtained from the Lithothamnium alga, ginger and cinnamon, the product is very rich, very rich in calcium & magnesium!

Curious how these ingredients work? Read it in this blog ..

More information about stomach ulcers

More information about stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers develop as a result of overproduction of stomach acid, which affects the gastric mucosa. the horse has a small stomach that produces stomach acid 24 hours a day and with a healthy stomach function, this acid is neutralized with the food and the large amounts of saliva by chewing on, for example, roughage.

The stomach wall must therefore be protected by a healthy mucus layer against the harmful effect of the stomach acid.

Stomach ulcers are much more common in horses than is thought. Recent research showed that about half of the horses have or have had stomach ulcers, this number is even higher in racehorses. This is therefore considerably high!

Do you recognize symptoms such as a decreased appetite, weight loss, decreased performance, a bad coat, grinding of teeth, yawning, air sucking and mild colic? These may indicate the presence of stomach ulcers in the horse. You may also want to consult your vet for advice.

When a horse gets little roughage and a relatively large amount of concentrate, the stomach is empty for most of the day and therefore has nothing to neutralize the stomach acid. Stress, intensive training and a lot of concentrate compared to roughage are therefore risk factors.

Additional information

Additional information

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Lithothamnium alga (vegetable calcium), ginger (zingiber officinale), ceylon cinnamon, anise, flower honey, turmeric longa, nutritional clay, vegetable oil.


1.8 Kilo, 3 Kilo, 6 Kilo, 15 Kilo, 15 Kilo (refill) bag, 20 Kilo, 20 Kilo (refill) bag


Maintenance and prevention: 10 grams per 100 kilos of body weight per day.
In case of complaints, 20 grams per 100 kilos of body weight.
Advice during periods of increased stress such as competitions: 15 grams per 100 kilos of body weight.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for MultiDigestiv

  1. Amelie -

    Product works well. my horse was an air sucker and creaked while riding. after a week this decreased and after a month it did not even creak anymore. I am satisfied, compared to products from the DA for stomach ulcers this is also cheaper

  2. Margaret de Bie -

    at first my horse thought the smell was very strange, in consultation with duval started with a small dose through the slobber, and now just a scoop goes through the food and she likes it. my horse often suffered from manure water and with the Digestiv she no longer has that!

  3. Nadine the dulk -

    Top product. My horse is very sensitive when switching to other hay or when he comes back to the pasture. With the multidigestiv, the stool remains stable and it also works with the high fructose levels in the spring grass! My horse used to get colic very quickly and with the Digestiv it didn't bother me anymore!

  4. Celine -

    Ordered this supplement after a friend's recommendation. My horse quickly suffers from stomach problems and regularly had colic. This supplement saves me a number of vet visits.

  5. Sandra de Bruin -

    My horse quickly suffered from manure water.
    Now that I give this product is. happily over!

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