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Metabolic Support

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The supplement for the metabolism of horses



Duval Metabolic Support is the supplement for the metabolism of horses

Based on various complaints related to metabolism, we have put together a complete product that has never been available before. This product is based on various specific mushrooms, algae and herbs. Now with improved taste!

Duval Metabolic Support takes into account all facets that influence metabolism and the complaints derived from it.


  • Supports proper functioning of the metabolism
  • Regulating effect on blood sugar
  • Removal of waste products (promotes detoxification of the liver)
  • Supports the coat and promotes moulting
  • Promotes healthy and strong hoof growth
  • For better blood circulation
  • Boost for the immune system
  • Supports the self-healing ability

Suitable for

  • Horses with a weak immune system and reduced condition
  • Older horses (with various age-related ailments)
  • Horses with a hard mane comb and/or overweight
  • horses with bad hooves or long curly coats
  • Horses that are sensitive to sugar or high fructan content in feed or grass
  • Sober horse breeds or horses that quickly become laminitis


This product contains very high levels of active ingredients.

In case of clear complaints: For the best results, start with 20 to 25 g per 100 kg body weight for 6 – 8 weeks.

Then evaluate the result (possibly with a veterinarian). You can then choose to adjust the dosage to the maintenance dosage of 10g-15g per 100 kg body weight.

Mild complaints and preventive: 5 to 10g per 100kg body weight


Chlorella algae, Schizochytrium (omega 3 DHA from algae), cinnamon ceylon, organic MSM (sulphur), turmeric longa, anise, oyster meal, Lupine meal, lithothamnium, Reishi (Ganoderma lucridum) extract, Cordyceps Militaris extract, plant. Fat,
additive: Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheral).

We use Chlorella Pyrenoidosa

Developed in collaboration with specialized veterinarians

100% natural without added sugar, fragrance, color, flavor or fillers

Did you know that Mycotherapy, or medicinal mushrooms, are becoming increasingly popular because they offer many health benefits. In Asian countries, medicinal mushrooms have traditionally been combined with regular medicine. Medicinal mushrooms and fungi have been purveyors of the pharmaceutical industry for decades. As early as 1951, pleuromutilin from fungi was discovered as an antibiotic.”

We use extracts from Reishi and Cordyceps Militaris

Additional information

Additional information

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Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Schizochytrium (omega 3 DHA from algae), cinnamon ceylon, organic MSM (sulphur), turmeric longa, anise, oyster meal, Lupine meal, lithothamnium, Reishi (Ganoderma lucridum) extract, Cordyceps Militaris extract, plant. Fat,
additive: Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheral),


In case of clear complaints, start with 20/25 grams per 100 kilos of body weight for 6-8 weeks.

Maintenance dose 10 to 15 grams per 100 kilos of body weight.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Metabolic Support

  1. Naomi -

    My horse has Cushing's and suffered a lot from reduced resistance. Since I started giving this supplement, I have noticed that my horse feels a lot better and gets through his coat more easily!

  2. Deborah -

    I started using this product on advice. My horse is already a bit old and had several complaints. She had difficulty getting through her coat, suffered from sulking and had little energy. I noticed that her resistance was worse. Then I started giving this product on advice. I now notice that she has become a lot fitter and the areas where there is swelling have also improved. I am very curious to see how she will get through her coat in the spring, but so far I am very pleased with this product!

  3. Tamara -

    I had been looking for a product like this for some time and finally found it! Unfortunately my horse did not eat it. I contacted Duval and, after advice, started feeding it in a different way. Including over 2 feedings and through the slobber. Now things are going great, I also notice a difference in my horse. Her coat is much better, as are her hooves and I notice that her condition has improved, she has even lost some weight!

  4. Stella -

    I switched to this product after my pot of Steady & Stable from Curafyt finally ran out. Unfortunately, my horse won't eat it unless I mix it with a portion of traditional high-sugar concentrates. For me, the costs do not outweigh the benefits... I do not wish to offer my horse a diet rich in sugar. A waste of money, especially because I am now forced to buy Curafyt again.

  5. Eline from above -

    I am really positively surprised by this supplement! My Tinker quickly develops a hard moon comb during the pasture season. I have been giving this supplement for almost 6 weeks now and I can say that it does what it promises. Unlike most other supplements, this one has a very high content of active ingredients! And the first on the market with medicinal mushrooms, very special

  6. Emily Vierhuizen -

    I have been supporting my Haflinger with this supplement for some time now, she is doing great!

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