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Supports the energy level based on superfoods! Both fast and long-lasting energy.



Duval InnerG supports the energy level of horses, both fast release and long-lasting energy. In addition, InnerG supports recovery after performance/training.

InnerG is not an energy booster based on sugar but on powerful natural power foods for inner and long-lasting energy.

  • Fast and long-lasting energy
  • Contains energy-rich superfoods
  • Supports fast post-performance recovery
  • Supports stamina
  • Supports physical and mental performance
  • Suitable for explosive forces and endurance performance
  • Disposal of waste

Rich in many vitamins such as B vitamins, minerals (such as iron), amino acids & antioxidants!

Feeding advice

Feed in the morning or administer at least 2 hours before performance for rapid energy release. For the best result, start at least 5 to 7 days before the start of the competition / performance with feeding the maintenance dose and build this up to the competition. This product contains energy that is released within a few hours and can be used during training, but also works on the body for long-lasting energy. In addition to energy delivery, InnerG supports recovery after performance and achieving top condition.

Product can be used for both short and long term use. The sooner you start with InnerG, the better the long-lasting result will be.

  • Maintenance and build-up dosage: 10g per 100kg body weight
  • Boost dosage: 20g per 100kg body weight
  • Xtra Boost dosage: 25g per 100kg body weight
Additional information

Additional information

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Algae complex, Beta vulgaris, taurine, dried banana, vegetable oil.


1.5 kilos, 2.5 kilos, 6 kilos

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for InnerG

  1. jaimy -

    Top Stuff!! For a long time I was looking for a supplement for more energy, tried many but FINALLY good results.

  2. Nadine -

    Great product that really works! I have tried many supplements with little result or way too much sugar for my liking. InnerG is also healthy for your horse!

  3. Lucas -

    Great product, the horses like it and it looks very nice. I'm a fan.

  4. Sophie Merten -

    Great product, the horses like it and it looks very nice. I'm a fan.

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