green caviar

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For healthy but very fast muscle and mass development, growth in total + energy supplement.

Do you want this product tailored to your horse? Ask us about the possibilities.



Green Caviar for more body, fast muscle building and condition.

Do you have a horse that could use a boost because of a poor condition?

A stallion or mare for the inspection that can develop some more (muscle) mass?

Then this “natural mass gainer” is suitable for your horse!

A complete boost

Green Caviar contains a specially selected mix of all essential fatty acids, high-quality proteins from algae and other superfoods that ensure rapid muscle growth, extra energy for endurance and attention to growing bones and joints.
Suitable for:
  • more body
  • Rapid growth of muscle mass
  • Stimulates total growth
  • Supplements calcium deficiencies in young growing horses
  • Supports the energy level
  • Horses with a poor condition
  • Stallions and broodmares
  • Promotes stamina
  • Boost for the immune system
  • Shiny coat & strong hooves
Green Caviar contains very high levels of active ingredient per dose and is packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants to help your horse develop more mass in a short period of time in a healthy, natural way.

Are you in doubt between the products Multipower and Green Caviar? Read a blog about the differences here

This product can also be tailored to the needs of your horse, in consultation and from 15 kilos. For example, if your horse already has enough energy, this can be adjusted or if you want extra attention for the joints, everything fits within the possibilities.

We recommend 1 bucket of 15 kg for an adult horse and is sufficient for a considerable result! A 6.5 kilo bucket is also available for ponies

Additional information

Additional information

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15 kg bucket, 6.5 kg bucket, 15 kg refill bag, 20 kg refill bag, 20 kg bucket


Algae complex (chlorella/spirulina), Beta Vulgaris, fenugreek, lithothamnium, oyster lime, natural MSM, nat.vitamin E, vitamin C, seaweed, seeds such as chia, linseed, (omega 3-6-9)
Ea tailor-made raw materials

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for green caviar

  1. Demi -

    Top product !! After using this product for 6 weeks, there was a very clear difference! Definitely good value for money

  2. Geert -

    Our young stallion did very well! If you have a horse for the inspection, it is definitely recommended

  3. power -

    super suitable for very fast muscle building. Our young horses are doing very well. they were previously a bit sparse.

  4. Danielle Berkelaar -

    great stuff! I fed it in preparation for the mare inspection.. highly recommended!

  5. Jolie -

    Very satisfied with this product. Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference, my horse had more energy, could withstand the training sessions longer and after the bucket was finished, people from the stable saw that my horse was really more muscular!

  6. Moniek -

    super stuff..
    You will notice a change in the horse's energy within 2 weeks.
    They don't get too fresh stay easy lane..
    And you clearly saw a difference in the way of moving, more power and thrust ...

  7. Mary S -

    Top stuff, few products really work as well as this product. I had him custom-made for me in consultation and super happy with the result. My horse does not need too much energy because he is already quite fast. I will be ordering another 1 soon!

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Horse greater than or equal to; 450kg Boost: 450g per day Maintenance 250g per day Pony: boost: 250-300g per day maintenance 150-200g per day