First Aid kit


First Aid kit with 7 products for 7 different applications.

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These products together form THE package for the first aid of your horse in case of chronic or acute problems.

We believe that every horse lover should have this First Aid kit in his tack room. The products are all based on specially selected herbs, each of which is tailored to the need or complaint.

This product package contains:

Carfol 200ml

To be used for colic symptoms, ea intestinal complaints.

Polyc 200ml

To be used for stomach complaints, such as heartburn, and colic symptoms. Can be used in combination with Duval Carfol, these products reinforce each other.

Palio 200ml

Can be used for all respiratory complaints such as cough, mucus formation, cold, etc.

Biolitan 200ml

To be used in all forms of inflammation, both chronic and acute. This product is a natural antibiotic and is not harmful to the body or intestines. Product is tissue-building.

Sedinf 200ml

Can be used for all forms of stress and anxiety. Product has a regulating effect on the nerves and psyche. Relax but don't daze!

Flexion 200ml

Can be used for muscle tension, nerve pain, joint pain. This product nourishes the muscles and has a regulating effect on the nerves. promotes flexibility and mobility.

Head Aid 100ml

To be used for hoof and skin problems. Hoof problems such as thrush, hoof cracks, loose hoof wall etc, but also with abrasions that do not want to close. Product brings an antibacterial protective layer over the treated area.

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