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Package for bones, joints & tendons

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Product package Multibone, Collagen and/or Flexio

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For complete support of the joints, bones and tendons

This product bundle supports the musculoskeletal system and is suitable for horses with a heavy load, young horses in growth and older (sport) horses.

Multibone supports the bones and joints. The Collagen works specifically for all tissues that need to be elastic, such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage and even the skin.

The products complement each other nicely and are recommended to be fed at the same time.

With this package you provide all possible additional support with regard to the bones, joints and tendons.

The package consists of:  multibone , premium (fish) collagen and you can choose whether or not Flexio add to your package.

Benefits package


  • Contains all nutrients for healthy joint functions
  • Preventive effect to prevent injuries and early age-related complaints
  • For maintaining strong bones and joints
  • Promotes joint flexibility


  • Promotes healthy connective tissue, tendon tissue, cartilage ligaments and skin


  • Supports your horse with complaints from joint wear, stiffness / acidification in the muscles, nerve pain, etc.
  • Stimulates blood flow in tendons, muscles and other tissues
  • Recommended for muscle tension, for example after slipping or heavy weather transitions


The difference with the 65 day freestyle for joints:

This product bundle is recommended for young horses in growth / training, (sports) horses with heavier loads, older (sports) horses to support and possibly during rehabilitation of an injury.

The 65 days free weights has been specifically developed for horses that have complaints or are familiar with complaints related to the joints or tendons. For example, think of old age complaints / wear and tear and injuries.

Additional information

Additional information


Multibone: Oyster meal, turmeric, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), green-lipped mussel, schizochytrium, plant. Fat.
Collagen: Premium fish collagen.
Flexio: Betula pendula, Centella asiatica, Hypericum perforatum, Lavendula augustifolia, Ortosiphon stamineus, Ruta graveolens, Salix alba, Spiraea ulmaria, Uncaria tomentosa.

Choose Multibone format

Multibone 3kg, Multibone 6kg

Choose Collagen format

Collagen 800 grams, Collagen 1200 grams

Choose Flexio

Without Flexio, Flexio 200ml, Flexio 500ml

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1 rating for Package for bones, joints & tendons

  1. Melissa -

    For my young horse I bought this product bundle with flexio. I notice that my horse no longer suffers from muscle pain after a heavy training. In short, really recommended!

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