Treatment 65 days (joints & tendons)

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Product package with Multibone, TendiFlex and/or Flexio

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Multipack to support horses with tendon, cartilage and joint complaints.

This product bundle complements each other. First of all, TendiFlex is given, which has a powerful effect and provides support for joint complaints, tendon injuries or strains. After TendiFlex, Multibone is recommended to maintain the effect and also to support the bones and joints in the longer term. This treatment is recommended 2 to 3 times a year for injury-prone horses or horses with a high workload.
The package consists of 1x multibone 3 kg, TendiFlex 1,5 kg, and you can choose whether or not Flexio to add to your package. We advise Flexio if the complaints are palpable or visible in your horse and you want to offer your horse relief.

Benefits package


  • Very potent and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Stimulates the own production of new (connective) tissue
  • Supports healthy joint fluid and cartilage
  • Supports strength and elasticity of tendons and ligaments


  • Contains all nutrients for healthy joint functions
  • Preventive effect to prevent injuries and early age-related complaints
  • For maintaining strong bones and joints
  • Promotes joint flexibility


  • Supports your horse with complaints from joint wear, stiffness / acidification in the muscles, nerve pain, etc.
  • Stimulates blood flow in tendons, muscles and other tissues
  • Recommended for muscle tension, for example after slipping or heavy weather transitions

More information about the products can be found on their own product pages.

The difference of this package with package: Bones-joints-tendons

This product bundle is recommended as a cure to be given one after the other, the products complement each other. Unlike the other product bundle where the Multibone and Collagen are administered at the same time. This bundle is usually chosen if your horse is in an acute phase where it is important to act quickly. The other bundle is more suitable for long-term feeding. Are you unsure which product package is most suitable for your situation? Please contact us.

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