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How MultiDigestiv works

What is the effect of MultiDigestiv and is it suitable for your horse?

Research has shown that as many as 50% of the horses suffer or have had stomach ulcers and it is much more common than we think. Do you also have a horse with a sensitive stomach that regularly suffers from irregular droppings, colic or is known with stomach ulcers? Or does your horse show a decreased appetite and / or an increased stress level? Then we recommend MultiDigestiv!

Duval MultiDigestiv is a complete product, which is suitable for both preventive administration and when your horse suffers from stomach or intestinal complaints. We can also compare MultiDigestiv with the effect of a 'Rennie' that we take ourselves for heartburn or stomach complaints. This supplement is a unique composition, obtained from rich raw materials namely, Lithothamnium algae, ginger, cinnamon and clay, making it rich in calcium and magnesium.

The Effects of Duval MultiDigestiv

  • Helps neutralize stomach acid so that the gastric juices do not damage the stomach lining.
  • Supports stress in the stomach and digestion, stress causes the intestinal flora to be disturbed. MultiDigestiv promotes healthy dung balls and improves peristalsis (contractions) in the intestines, which can also reduce flatulence
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Helps neutralize uric acid
  • Supporting with manure water
  • Promotes healthy gastrointestinal function in many ways

We recommend MultiDigestiv if your horse:

  • Suffers from stomach and intestinal problems
  • Thin, irregular manure or suffer from manure water
  • Is sensitive to stomach ulcers
  • Have a sensitive stomach and / or are prone to colic
  • Has a decreased appetite or an increased level of stress

As we mentioned earlier, MultiDigestiv also has a preventive effect. This product optimizes digestion so that an increased absorption of nutrients is possible and your horse meets the necessary energy requirements more quickly.

The ingredients in MultiDigestiv provide an overall protection of the stomach. The herbs support the lower part of the stomach, where the gastric mucosa is located. The gastric mucosa protects the stomach against stomach acid. While riding, stomach acid can start to slosh if your horse does not have stomach fillings from, for example, roughage, which produces sufficient saliva, so-called burns (ulcers) can develop in the upper part of the stomach. These sores can thus be prevented with sufficient roughage and Duval MultiDigestiv.