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Mom Support for the pregnant or lactating mare

Carrying mares..

The period that the mare is pregnant can in principle be divided in two. The first 8 months and the last 3 months. During the first 8 months of pregnancy, the usual ration for a mare is sufficient in many cases. If you have a 'healthy' pasture, fresh grass often contains the desired nutrients such as mead Vitamin E† In the last 3 months the foal makes a huge growth spurt in the womb of the mare. During the growth spurt, the foal receives milk and nutrients from the mare through the bloodstream. These nutrients are necessary for growth. This growth spurt asks a lot of energy of the mare and therefore the right support during this period essential to comply with the energy requirement and get the necessary nutrients. Mares that are pregnant early in the year and therefore also foals early often do not have (enough) fresh grass and because dried roughage often not enough we have developed a product to protect the pregnant and lactating mare provided with highly absorbable nutrients which also the boost your mare's resistance† Duval Mom Support is our new product and specifically about this load-bearing en lactating mares.

The mare is in top sport position!

Duval Mom support contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that very easily absorbable and contribute to the development of a sturdy skeleton en dense bone structure. The foal also has a greater need for these minerals in the period from 8 months.
During pregnancy it is important that the mare is not too skinny, but certainly not too fat. The mare is, as it were, in top sport position and an ideal weight is therefore important for both the foal and the mare itself. During the final stage during pregnancy it is important that your mare enough vitamins and proteins ingests, because this essential is for a good milk production after the foal is born.

Mom Support can be fed in addition to the daily ration to offer your mare extra support during pregnancy and to provide her with extra vitamins, minerals and proteins. Mom Support was tested with several mares last year and the mares from the test panel turned out to be great nice weight to stay, shiny in their fur to sit and notice more jumps of joy to do..

In short, happy moms!

lactation period

After the foal is born, the need for energy and proteins increases enormously, namely twice as much than normal. The first days milk production is 8 to 20 liters per day. The lactation period therefore demands a lot of energy from the mare. A lack of proteins can lead to reduced milk production. So until the moment that the foal starts feeding itself in addition to the mother's milk after weeks/months, Mom Support can help your mare to increased energy requiremente to comply.