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Spring grass and colic

When spring has started again is of course wonderful because then the horses can go back to the pasture!
However, this does mean a big change for your horse's digestive system. After months of dry and fiber-rich hay, your horse will receive young, sugary grass. Despite the build-up of pasture there is a high risk of overeating and this can lead to diarrhea, colic or laminitis.

Does your horse show symptoms of overeating such as restless behavior, stamping, or ...do you hear bowel sounds and does he grasp his mouth towards the abdomen? Then we advise to administer Duval Polyc & Duval Carfol orally. Polyc and Carfol ensure the adequate discharge of intestinal gases, soothes and relaxes the stomach and intestines. If you detect the above symptoms early and treat with these products, you can in many cases prevent acute colic.

Does your horse show symptoms of direct colic and does your horse roll, sweat and stamp? Always contact the vet immediately.

Prevention is of course better than cure, so ensure a calm build-up of pasture and pay attention to starch-rich feed (starch is converted into sugars). And is your horse prone to stomach and intestinal problems? Then start 10 days before you start grazing with stomach and intestinal support supplements such as Duval Multidigestiv. This supplement neutralizes stomach acid, promotes normal intestinal peristalsis, regulates sugar absorption and protects the stomach and intestines.

Duval Polyc

Duval Carfol

Duval MultiDigestiv

Or try it Combi package for stomach and intestines!