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Duval Products BV is a producer and specialized in natural supplements for horses and dogs

Duval Products is a certified company that uses full traceability of ingredients and, if possible, organic raw materials. Guaranteed use of the HACCP plan, ensuring first class quality control and uniformity of the products.

To best respect the welfare of the horses, we strive for a natural approach when creating our supplements. We combine science and veterinary support with the best of plants and other natural resources to obtain supplements best suited to the horse's physiology. (Medicinal) plants and other naturally occurring substances in nature are processed into supplements. Nowadays there is a lot of research available on the effective effect of medicinal plants, herbs, minerals, algae, etc. on a wide range of diseases and conditions. Naturopathy is therefore a well-founded healing method. So it is not something you 'have to believe'.

We work closely with real horses and humans in the development of our products, whereby the products are first tested for effectiveness on our own horses and (sponsor) riders before we bring them to the market. Ultimately, it is all about effectiveness in practice.

Our vision

Our goal is to improve the health and quality of life of animals. The focus is on the use of natural ingredients of the best quality. Due to our dissatisfaction in practice, we have started developing our own line of supplements for animals. We focus on developing innovative and natural products. The use of ingredients from the sea is part of Duval's core business. We produce with maximum active ingredient without using unnecessary or unhealthy fillers, sugars, fragrance, color and flavorings.

"Prevention is better than cure"

In many cases, the preventive administration of supplements can prevent various health complaints. Horses in sports or with heavier loads will generally experience wear and tear more quickly. A good diagnosis of the load and an appropriate supplement can help.


We believe that we should be responsible for people, animals and the environment. Corporate social responsibility is therefore 1 of the priorities. Most of our raw materials are of biological origin. Our suppliers are very carefully selected on the basis of quality and sustainability. We also work with mainly recyclable packaging or packaging that has already been recycled.

Product quality

The range is composed on the basis of the latest (scientifically based) insights and experiences. Product quality is the most important aspect for us and we do everything we can to produce products of exceptional quality. Only the best raw materials are good enough. Duval Products BV Is a certified company and we work according to the HACCP and GMP + guidelines.

Multifunctional products

Duval offers complete products that work based on multiple factors. We mainly sell “multi” products because single products can be deficient and often only treat one specific area while wear and tear and injuries are often a combination of or related to another underlying deficiency.

An example: your horse suffers from joint wear or injury, this can have various causes such as overload, old age, joint infections, etc. Injuries and wear and tear are often a connection of underlying factors. Multibone + is composed of several functional ingredients that reinforce each other and together tackle the injury or wear and tear. Think of green-lipped mussels, this contains several types of Omega 3 fatty acids, including the rare ETA. Together this forms a very rare palette. These Omega 3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect. Green-lipped mussel is a natural source of glycosaminoglycans, such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin-4 and -6 sulfate. It is therefore not necessary to use Glucosamine or Chondroitin preparations in addition to Green-lipped mussel, because the Green-lipped mussel already contains these building materials. To strengthen this, curcuma and MSM are also added to naturally slow down (joint) inflammation. In addition, MSM promotes the flexibility of muscles, tendons and connective tissues and can function as a natural pain reliever. The supplement also contains a calcium-rich algae and oyster meal to supplement calcium deficiencies for the bones so that osteoporosis is prevented.

These ingredients therefore form a total product, so the use of 1 product must be sufficient.

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