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Duval Products BV is specialized in the production of nutritional supplements for horses and dogs. Duval Products is a subsidiary of Endy BV

Endy has specialized in producing animal nutritional supplements since 1973. The core business is the use of natural products and ingredients from the sea.

"Power From nature" Duval believes in the power of nature.

Only the best natural (and if possible) biological raw materials are used. The products are pure and contain all necessary ingredients to form a complete product. Unnecessary or unhealthy fillers are omitted.

There are many supplements available on the market today. Unfortunately, these supplements often use many additives or other cheaper replacement products / fillers in addition to the active substance. Duval believes it is important to be transparent and that the product really works. The wellbeing of the horse is paramount. Our products only contain the important active ingredients and no other additives, so 100% active ingredient!

  • Natural raw materials of the best quality
  • No refined sugars, artificial colors, fragrances and / or flavors
  • Contain a very high content of active ingredient
  • Products have been tested for effectiveness
  • Many doping-free supplements




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