Supplements from natural raw materials sourced from our rich seas.

Power naturally for a happy athlete



74.00 - 419.00

Multimix (Multipower & Multibone +)

74.00 - 419.00


5.50 - 299.00

Multibone +

74.00 - 419.00

Why choose Duval Horse Products?

Our qualities and what we stand for

Natural Supplements
Without added sugar or unhealthy fillers

High concentrations of active ingredient
Only the best available ingredients

Customized product
Especially for your horse!

Complete products
No hassle with many types of powders

personal advice 24/7 Whatsapp chat +31 113 571918

Each product has been tested in practice for effectiveness

About Duval Horse Products

Out of our dissatisfaction in practice, we have started to develop a clear line of our own with complete supplementary supplements for horses and dogs. We focus on developing innovative and natural products and only use the best available raw materials.

Our core business is the processing of raw materials from the sea. This because this very pure and unprocessed and are also bursting with all nutrients that are beautifully in proportion. We mainly produce granulates with special convenience to carry high levels of active ingredient WITHOUT that we use unnecessary or unhealthy fillers, sugars, fragrances, colors and flavors. We develop and produce everything ourselves, making it possible to develop a tailor-made product especially for your horse together with us.

Natalie van der Endt


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