Dinja van Liere's favorite supplements.

Why are these Dinja's favorites?

De green caviar gives them to the young stallions who are allowed to build more body and muscles. This way they get into top condition with a shiny coat, beautiful muscle structure and sufficient energy. Especially during the breeding season, this demands a lot from the horse and the right support is important.

Multipower she indicates that the horses are already at a good weight but could still use more muscles, strength or better condition. Multipower provides complete daily support for sport horses. It is also good for the fertility of both stallions and mares.

De InnerG gives them to some horses that could use just a little more energy or strength during competition periods or multi-day competitions.

MultiDigestiv feed them as maintenance for healthy stomach and intestinal function, which ensures that nutrients are optimally absorbed in the stomach and intestines. Especially horses that compete a lot or where a lot is expected, this is important to pay attention to to prevent stomach problems (ulcers).

Sometimes it happens that a horse has an injury. Then comes TendiFlex looks around the corner to provide her horses with the best and correct nutrients for good recovery of tendons and ligaments. She also provides her top horses with TendiFlex to support the high load on the tendons and ligaments with the right nutrients.

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green caviar

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